In the past, during the era of analogue photography I believed that the most important quest in photography is the image. I was interested in the content, the composition, the light, the technique. Through constant practice I conquered and learned how to use a variety of codes in the extend, that I stopped noticing them. My teaching profession gave me the ability to practice the utterance of visual speech while as an artist I could use all my know how to do research.

Digital photography moving rapidly gave me the use of camera on an everyday basis without the stress of film waste. So I exploited the chance to delve into new techniques. From 2015 on wards, as I begun practicing my photogames I witnessed a metamorphosis. Looking for solutions in the games that I participated, I gradually saw my point of view altering. The image was becoming a proof of the act of forming personal experience. And although the aim is always the image, the process through which it is developed is more important. The more consciousness you devote to the process the more interesting results you get. It’s information that springs from an internal universe and not just a mere description of people, facts and situations.

Since information derives from the unknown, some results may differ from the usual depictions and one easily could think that it depends on pure coincidence. The truth of the matter is that the photographer being knowledgeable to the codes of depiction can choose the way to present his / her subject matter making a decision on the spot about the most suitable technique. So, the camera becomes the instrument that plays the visual melodies being guided mostly by his/her experience. The photographer improvises while revealing step by step through choice the desired shape that he/she craves to unveil not as his own intention but as an intention of no ness to expose the image. Almost as if Nothing is striving to be converted into Something and the photographer is just following Nothing’s Will to transform it into meaning regardless if someone may or may not be able to decode it.

(Translation into English: Nevi Kaninia)