Achilles Nasios is an Art-Photographer and video-artist. Born in Greece 1963. Studied exhibition design in Berlin Fine Art School (UDK). Master in digital forms of Art. Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA). Special project in video-art, in Royal School of Fine Arts, Stockholm (KKH).
Teached for 12 years in Photography departement of TEI Athens
and 2 Years at the School of Arts and Art Sciences of University of Ioannina.
Teaches photography, design and curate exhibitions since 1995.
Since 2007 he lives in Sweden, as a freelance artist and teacher of Art.
He shows his works in solo and group exhibitions since 1986.

Last exhibitions

2018 - Photography Museum in Thessaloniki, Greece (Self-images - Group exhibition)
2017 - En Plo Gallery in Pafos, Cyprus (Project "Home" - Group exhibition)
2017 - Trii-Art Hub in Athens, Greece ("The Last Game" - Group exhibition)
2016 - Kunstall Charlottenburg in Kopenhagen, Denmark ("The Spring Exhibition 2016")

All texts written by Achilles Nasios.
Translation and editing: Nevi Kaninia.