Achilles Nasios is an art-photographer, video-artist, art-teacher and performer. He was born and rased in Greece.


1983-1985 - Film Academy (FAMU) in Prague. Preparation for Photography and Cinema Studies.
1986-1991 – Fine Art School in Berlin (HDK). Diplom in Visual Communication and Curating.
2003-2005 - Fine Art School in Athens (ASFA). Master in Digital Arts.
2009-2010 - Royal Fine Art School in Stockholm (KKH). Project in Video Art.


From 1995-2007 he taught theory and applied Art Photography in the University of Western Attica, in the University of Ioannina and in the Photography Team of the cultural Center of Peania.

After 2007 he moved to Sweden where he continued teaching through the net and organizing workshops, participating in exhibitions but also curating them up to now. He also founded the independed digital film production company Anikon.

From 2015 onwards he started developing the PhotoGames, a new pedagogic method of approaching photography based on games. Until this very day several types of photo games have been played successfully in Greece, Cyprus and Sweden.
In 2019 he co-founded the Network of Arts and Sciences Hocus Photus.
In 2020 he co-founded the band Imperfect ID.


2019 - iFocus photo gallery, Athens, Greece (Photo installation)
2018 - Museum of Photography, Thessalonica, Greece (Photography)
- Gallery En Plo, Paphos, Cyprus (Photography)
2017 - Trii Art Hub Gallery, Athens, Greece (Photo-installation)
2016 – Kunsthall Charlottenborg. The Copenhagen Spring Exhibition. Denmark (Video-art installation).
2015 - Archeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, Greece (Performance)
2014 – Archeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, Greece (Photography and Performance)
2011 - Megaron, Athens Concert Hall. Greece (Video-Art projection)
2010 - One Water project, Gallery Anikon, Järna, Sweden (Film and video-dance)
2009 - One Water project, Gula Villan, Järna, Sweden (Film and video-art)
2008 - Clarion Video Festival, Stockholm, Sweden (video-art)
- Gallery Anikon, Järna, Sweden (Photography)
2007 - 1st Award in video-art at Cyprus International Film Festival (CIFF 07)
- Gallery P53, Athens (Photography)
- Festival 0, Kalamata (video-art)
2006 - Museum of Photography Thessalonica, Greece (Photography)
- 2nd ATHENS VIDEO FESTIVAL (Keyword 1-Video installation)
- Micropolis (Video-art)
2005 - Museum of Photography Thessalonica (Photography)
- Platforma video zero-five Athens (Video projection)
- Philosophical School at Athens – Works and e-days. Potential pictures, Technology and reality (Works-Video Projections).
2002 - Photographic Centre Athens, Greece (Photo-installation)
2001 - Artistic Organism of Municipality at Volos. Greece (Photography)
- Palaia Sagiada at Thesprotia, Greece (Photo-installation)
- Centre of Figurative Creation Rethimno, Greece (Photography)
2000 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonica. Greece (Photo Installations)
- Galerie de Château d’ Eau - Toulouse, France (Photography)
- Figurative Centre of Veria, Greece (Photography)
- Photographic Centre of Skopelos, Greece (Photography)
- Figurative Centre of Modern Art, Larissa, Greece (Photography)
1998 – Gallery “Naus Thalasofilitos”, Thessalonica, Greece (Photography)
1996 - Hotel “Plaza “, Kifissia-Athens, Greece (Photography - Installations)
1994 - Factory of NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY of Paleo Faliron, Greece (Photography)
1993 - Theatre “Palladium”, Ioannina, Greece (Slide Show & Performance)
1992 - Gallery Hdk Berlin, Germany (Photography - Installations)
1991 - Moabit room of Art, Berlin, Germany (Performance)
1990 - TACHELES Berlin, Germany ( Photography - Installations - Slide show and Performance)
1988 - Gallery Hdk Berlin, Germany (Photography - Installations)
1986 - Photographic Centre Athens, Greece (Photography)