The idea of the 7th day started in 1988 in Berlin. The concept was 'the narrative of a face' and it gradually developed into a quest about transferring the 2-dimentional photographic image into a 3-dimentional space, thus attributing  the image the shape of a photographic sculpture.
The different approaches of photographic mise-en-scène that were implemented for the completion of the work resulted in a series of transformation of the same face. Here the face is presented in a ritual of repetition as the main carrier of change.
I shall admit that in this work I cherished the joy of staged photography from the very start of the shooting of the self portrait, right  from the processing of the pictures in the dark room up to the installation of the fulfilled idea in the actual space.

The installation 'Seventh Day' is comprised of 7 photo units. Here are shown 5 of them as they were exhibited in The Athens Photography Center in 2000.

7th day (the exhibition)




the nightporter