The visible darkness of the winter light of the North, inspired me to start searching for its transparent shades through photography. The Tree as an art symbol almost forced me to embrace its shape as the main object of the image.

The stark naked tree silhouettes combined with the mysticism of the night began an aesthetic transformation gaining a brand new visual existence. They became narrators of an ancient mythology. They started to inform.
The trees denaturated, were turned into nymphs, the divine creatures that inhabited them according to greek mythology.

The Hyperborean Nymphs were the three daughters of Boreas (the north wind). They followed Leto (mother of Apollo and Artemis) in her long journey, a homecoming from the north to the south. In Greek mythology Apollo is the god of light and Artemis the goddess of the forests. In later times Ekaerge, Loxo and Oupis gained an important role in the worship of the goddess Artemis.

The metaphysical experience that was attained through the development of the project was aiming to unveil the aesthetic forms that were hiding within the archetypical shapes of the trees.

(digital photography)