What can be seen can be spoken and said, but something that signifies cannot be spoken. It becomes understood through the sensibility that is required to wander in the art sphere. It is not linked with the mere sense of understanding, but with the need to open someone's senses and the desire for multiplicity.
I perceive Form as the unique balance among the invisible and what can be seen. The cutting edge between idea and matter. Almost like a proof which likes to depend on certain rules. Through those rules it returns to its proper meaning i.e. the demonstration of real substance.
I would like to point out that Form depends -as bodies also do- from the existing conditions. A perfect contrast to subject matter which unaltered continues its presence as One.
If one is interested in more than a mere external description of the world, one has to find the path of observing the inner self. It is the knowledge of this personal picture that brings the realization of our invisible flaws. Hence by covering the obvious in a veil of silence we can reach the Desired Image.

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All texts written by Achilles Nasios.
Translation and editing: Nevi Kaninia.